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Larger Than Life and Dezerland Action Park Orlando Team Up to Help Children with Cancer

March 15, 2023 Uncategorized
Larger Than Life and Dezerland Action Park Orlando Team Up to Help Children with Cancer

When a family receives a serious diagnosis, especially for a child, it often becomes the focus of everyday life. Dezerland Park Orlando and Larger Than Life USA are working together to give these families a day of fun.

On March 20, Dezerland will host 35 children and teens, who are not currently undergoing treatment, as a part of Larger Than Life’s annual dream trip.

Larger Than Life is a nonprofit organization that supports children and families in Israel throughout the healing process.

Each year, the organization brings children—accompanied by caregivers, medical professionals, and family members—from Israel and other parts of the United States to Orlando.

For this year’s trip, Dezerland has agreed to cover the cost of all 75 to 100 guests’ fun and food during their visit to the entertainment center.

The group will enjoy a kosher meal inside Pinball Palace and a tour of the Orlando Auto Museum, which is home to more than 2,000 vehicles, including many vehicles made famous by television and movies, and the world’s largest collection of James Bond vehicles and memorabilia.

Larger Than Life and Dezerland Action Park are also inviting members of the local community and other supporters of the organization to take part in the fun with a celebration in the Orlando Auto Museum.

From 6 to 9:30 p.m., guests will be able to explore the museum’s extensive collection of vehicles, followed by a carnival-style party complete with concession stands in the American Classics exhibit.

The event will also feature amazing entertainment, including an acrobat and a floating statue performer.

Tickets for supporters will cost $20 for adults and $10 for children. 100% of the ticket proceeds will benefit Larger Than Life.

To learn more about the event or purchase tickets at https://largerthanlifeusa.org/dezerland-orlando-2023/.

About Larger Than LIfe

Since its founding in 2000 in Israel, Larger than Life (Gdolim Me-Hachaim) has become the largest organization working to improve the lives and welfare of children afflicted with cancer and providing support for their families. In its holistic approach, Larger than Life provides them with the strength to fight their terrible illness and win.

Operating in all hospitals across the whole country of Israel and in the homes of sick children from the Negev to the Galilee. We also work with families who bring their child to North America for treatment in major US hospitals.

We are proud that the organization operates from our homes, minimizing overhead expenses by eliminating the cost of renting office space, and all the board members share their time and talents on a volunteer basis.

Larger Than Life USA is a 501 (c)(3) non- profit organization.


  • Building the first preschool for children with cancer in central Israel
  • Sponsoring life-saving medications for economically challenged families – medications that are not covered by the insurance.
  • Annual dream trips to Disney World and Disneyland for 80 children.
  • Healing retreats and support services for family members.
  • Tuition-free summer camps for over 300 teenagers and young children.
  • Establishing play rooms for hospitals across Israel.
  • Providing transportation to and from hospitals for children who needs to be in isolation.
  • Donating laptops for oncology departments and at homes of seriously ill children.
  • Supporting patient coordinators program in all the hospitals. These coordinators are the link between the patients and the hospitals. They assist the children and arrange activities in hospitals.
  • Assisting families who arrive to North America for surgery or treatment with all their needs: transportation, accommodation, visitors, homemade meals, toys, clothes, emotional support.


In Israel, more than 450 children are diagnosed with cancer each year. In every case, the lives of these children and their families undergo dramatic changes. For these families, life is channeled into a new track in which all t0he family’s resources – physical, emotional, and financial – are directed toward the treatment and welfare of the sick child.

Throughout the year, Larger Than Life organizes a variety of activities for the children and their families, to improve their quality of life and potential medical outcome. These activities are designed to give the children happy experiences and joyous moments that will strengthen their motivation and give them the emotional and physical resources they need to battle this difficult disease.

The family members of the sick child also experience the full impact of the disease: the siblings who are often pushed aside as the parents’ efforts and attention are focused on the sick child, and the parents who are under enormous pressure to deal with their child’s illness.


  • Avi Cohen


  • Evrona Katzman
  • Chaim Ben- Simon


  • Netta Nathaniel


  • Albert Nassim
  • Ariela Cotler
  • Linda Balass
  • Oren Ben Ezra
  • Sandra Divack Moss
  • David Nathaniel
  • Dr. Alexander J. Chou
  • Dr. Ira J. Dunkel
  • Dr. Michael Rubin
  • Dr. Tamir Miloh

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